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Haley Hype

The Van Life Voyager
Age: 24
Location: Downtown Arts District, NYC

  • Wild and Whacky DIY Tutorials
  • Turning Trash into Punk Rock Treasure
  • Offbeat Art Projects with a Dash of Glitter and Grit
  • Life Hacks for the Artistically Adventurous
  • Unconventional Crafting Techniques and Tips
Rebel with a Crafty Cause | Art Project Innovator | DIY Daredevil
Bringing anarchy to arts and crafts, one project at a time.
DIY Vlogger: Spreading creativity with a side of chaos!
Empowering Creativity & Self-Expression in Every Glue Drop
Need this Brag
Need this Brag

Collabs & Art Madness:

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